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Name:The Soup
Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:Florida, United States of America
An aspiring novelist, I write something every day. I'm a very social person who likes a lot of feedback on my writing, thoughts, and drawings, even if they're negative. :D I enjoy cerebral conversation as long as nobody gets their feelings hurt, and as a big yaoi fangirl, I especially enjoy crack pairings and crack fics that actually make sense! That's a contradiction, I know.

I'm a gamer chick, as well over-all comic book, movie, video game, anime, music, and literature nerd. I'm a Pre-Psychology major over at Gulf Coast Community College, and I'm a freshman in college.

I'm very friendly and open to talking to strangers, so feel free to message me or comment on an entry!

Interests (130):

albert einstein, amvs, anthropology, art fag, art fagging, astrology, axel/roxas, axelxroxas, axis powers hetalia, batman, birth by sleep, blogging, blue october, boys love, boys' love, cable, caboose/church, caboosexchurch, cap_ironman, captain america, character writing, comic books, comics, crack pairing, crackfic, daxter, deadpool, doc/wash, docxwash, drabbles, drabbling, drama, drawing, earthworm jim, editing, elton john, erotica, evolutionary psychology, facebook, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fic, gaming, general, germany/italy, gift fic, green day, h/c, hentai, history, horror, icons, iron man, italy/germany, italyxgermany, jak, jak and daxter, kick-ass, kingdom hearts, kink, kink meme, kinks, kinky, kiss kiss bang bang, left for dead, left for dead 2, leon/sora, leonxsora, literature, livejournal, lost, magic: the gathering, medic/heavy, medicxheavy, metal gear solid, nanowrimo, nate/wade, natexwade, nick/ellis, nickxellis, noveling, obsessing over fandoms, pairing, pairings, persona, persona 2, persona 4, porn, pron, psychology, publishing, reading, red vs. blue, robert downey jr., romance, ryan reynolds, sailor moon, sci-fi, sherlock holmes, sig, simmons/grif, simmonsxgrif, so it goes, solid snake, sonic the hedgehog, team fortress 2, tentacle rape, terra/ven, terraxven, the hush sound, the sims, the sims 2, the sims 3, the sirens of titan, torn, tweeting, twitter, wash/church, wingfic, write fag, write fagging, writing, writing challenge, wyoming, wyoming/doc, wyoming/wash, wyomingxdoc, wyomingxwash, yaoi
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